Our team is imagining a future where our national government has a

Minister for Community Wealth Building.


What would a Minister for Community Wealth Building

have on their agenda?

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Community Wealth Building

We partner with communities, governments and businesses to implement community wealth building.

Regenerative Industries

We partner with businesses, governments and communities to transform and transition to regenerative and equitable models.


We work with government, industry, business and community to:

  • Empower local people and places
    Shift more ownership, control and decision-making of the local economy and development to the people that value and rely on it the most – local business owners, local employees, local community, local consumers. 
  • Increase local ownership and prosperity
    Encourage all local people to invest in, and hold a financial and controlling stake in local assets and resources of all kinds – capital income, land, property, enterprises, infrastructure, equipment and more.   
  • Anchor opportunities and prosperity to place
    Increase industries, businesses and jobs that are anchored locally and are committed to a region and its people.
  • Make financial power work for local places
    Stop wealth flowing out of local places and redirect it back into the local economy. Build local financial systems and vehicles owned and controlled by local people. 
  • Create an inclusive economy
    Adopt more inclusive forms of economic development and business models that build wealth and prosperity for everyone.
  • Create regenerative industries and regions
    Grow industries, enterprises, jobs and supply chains that systematically reinvest in and regenerate the local community. 
  • Leverage local multipliers and reinvestment
    Create an economy and development approach that systematically reinvests in and multiplies the local impact from development and economic activity in the region.
  • Strengthen regions, towns and local communities
    Create systems, institutions, enterprises, infrastructure and cultures that reinforce community ownership, leadership and wealth building.

How We Do This

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