Ethical Fields specialises in creating hands-on courses that grow individual capabilities while promoting collaborative learning. It’s all part of building the Common Wealth.

Community Wealth Building – An introductory course for government, non-government organisations and community on local economic empowerment and transformation

This course provides an introduction to community wealth building. It is designed for leaders and practitioners from government, NGOs, community organisations, business and other individuals seeking a foundational understanding in the benefits, opportunity and solutions offered by community wealth building.

Community wealth building is an important local economic and community development approach that lifts whole communities both economically and socially. It changes the way our local economies function to place ownership, control and benefits into the hands of local people; and to ensure the economy genuinely works for all and the environment. 

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On Demand Courses

We provide the following training on demand:

  • Community Wealth Building For Councils & Anchor Organisations Course
  • Community Wealth Building Industry, Business Enterprise Models Course
  • Local and Community Asset Ownership and Use Models 
  • Existing Financial Systems & Structures
  • Place Based Capital  

      Environmental Markets Leadership Course

      Learn how to start making the most of environmental markets.

      The Environmental Markets Leadership Course is a practical, hands-on course where you can develop the capability to identify, market and benefit from environmental market opportunities. It provides clear, practical, easy to use information about what is involved, what is good to know beforehand and how you can get started. 

      The Environmental Markets Leadership Course is the first learning program of its kind in Australia and has been specifically designed and developed for Australian farmers, land managers and natural resource managers.

      Who is the course for?

      Land managers, farmers and natural resource managers.

      Self-Directed Courses

      Common Wealth Vol 1

      Learn from experts that are each working in different ways to build the ways that communities can invest in themselves and build their Common Wealth. Each of the 17 modules is a standalone talk. You can listen to them in any order you want.

      Stakeholders with an *actual* Stake

      Holistic Management Courses

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