Regenerative, Distributive and Prosperous Communities

We Build Capacity to Innovate

Environmental Markets Leadership Program to build capacity of land managers to capture the value of environmental goods and services

We Identify Strategic Solutions

Recommendations on how community wealth building could lead to a competitive advantage

We Unleash Potential

Regional and Economic Development
Creating hands-on courses that grow individual capabilities while promoting collaborative learning


Ethical Fields specialises in creating hands-on courses that grow individual capabilities while promoting collaborative learning. It’s all part of building the Common Wealth.


Community Wealth Building

We partner with communities, governments and businesses to generate jobs, wealth and impact for local places and people.

Regenerative Industries

We partner with businesses, governments and communities to transform and transition to regenerative and equitable models.

Environmental Markets

We help land managers, organisations & networks capture the value of environmental goods & services through current market mechanisms.

We aim to move from extractive
to regenerative impact


  • External ideas and strategies
  • Extractive and external investment
  • Centralised ownership and control by a small few
  • Profit driven and extractive industries
  • Restrictive and exclusive economies
  • Centralised, mass scale production


  • Place-based, self-reliant
  • Community wealth and re-investment
  • Broad-based and local ownership and decision-making
  • Locally beneficial and regenerative industries
  • Open, inclusive & shared economies
  • Locally scaled and distributed production


We offer breakthrough strategies and solutions that…

  • Foster local autonomy, resilience, broad wealth and prosperity
    • By building, shifting and distributing ownership, wealth, assets, power and influence to the people that most value and rely on place, goods and services
  • Anchor opportunities and prosperity to place
    • By increasing businesses and jobs that are anchored locally and reinvesting in people and the region
  • Create broadly shared ownership and prosperity
    • By empowering those who live locally to invest in and have a stake in their local assets and enterprises​
  • Make financial power work for local places
    • By harnessing and redirect existing capital and wealth back into the regional economy and community
  • Create regenerative and resilient industries and communities
    • By catalysing and supporting new and emerging industries and transitioning existing industries to regenerative models
  • Strengthen regions and local community
    • By creating institutions, enterprises and infrastructure that benefit the long-term aspirations of the community

How We Do This

We Build Capacity

We Bring Strategy

We Unlock Potential

We work with you in the messy middle
on our way to the future building on from the past

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