We develop and deliver programs that build local economic inclusion, leadership, ownership, resilience and wellbeing. Our programs provide a structured and facilitated way to transform local economies so that they serve and benefit the interests of local people. 

Place Based Capital Program

Place based capital is about empowering local people and places to flourish economically on their own terms. It enables local places and people to access the capital they need, invest in themselves, govern themselves and realise the dreams they hold for their families and communities. It enables local places to build capital reserves making them financially self-reliant, resilient and prosperous.   

Place based capital also includes non-local parties such as government, developers, impact investors and philanthropy. It invites them to co-invest alongside local places and people in a way that builds local financial capacity, alongside meeting their own impact goals.

The Place Based Capital Program is the driving force behind this transformative initiative. It exists to develop and strengthen the way capital works in the interest of local people. It’s a vibrant network stretching across Australia, bringing together a diverse group of people, places, and partners, all committed to reimagining and transforming the role of local capital. Working together, the network aims to identify and create the systems and structures needed for place based capital to thrive. We are doing this by building capability, learning about the capital needs and aspiration of local people, places and partners, exploring solutions for them and creating a plan to realise these. By sharing our discoveries and experiences, we aim to spark a nationwide movement.   

Our Invitation

Great achievements are born collaboration and partnerships. Every stakeholder plays a crucial role. Join us in this transformative journey!

We invite strategic partners and funders who want to support this critical work, including:

  • Local people and places: across Australia 
  • Local businesses and organisations: building local economic prosperity, equity, self-reliance and resilience.
  • For-purpose organisations: transforming social, economic and environmental outcomes.
  • Philanthropic organisations: aiming to tackle disadvantage, support local financial empowerment and other place based outcomes.
  • Governments: exploring policies and legislative to address rising living costs, housing availability and affordability, jobs and household incomes, infrastructure, community services, renewable energy and circular economies, disadvantage and inequity, environmental regeneration and resilience.
  • Financial or investment organisations: enhancing ESG impact and community capital outcomes.
  • Businesses: Adopting more inclusive, equitable and social business philosophies and practices.
  • Technical experts: Contributing legal, financial, governance and other expertise.
  • Research institutions: Evaluating efficacy and identifying actionable insights.
  • Other interested individuals and organisations: Using your unique strengths to contribute.

For more information

Place Based Capital Initiative – Partner & Investment Proposal 2024 – 2030

Contact the Place Based Capital Initiative team via:

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