Place Based Capital 

Place Based Capital is a model and movement towards a more people centred, placed based and purposeful capital system.

PBC reorients how capital is sourced, invested, owned, controlled, distributed and used to enhance to social and economic wellbeing of local communities. Where capital includes both financial capital, such as money or financial assets available for investment, expenditure and production; and capital assets such as land, natural resources, building, businesses, facilities, infrastructure, equipment, inventory, intellectual property. Created by and for local places and people, PBC provides local families, organisations and places greater ownership and control of local capital assets and activities, provides more inclusive and equitable opportunities to participate in these activities, and builds local financial and economic self-reliance, resilience and prosperity.


This is achieved through policies, strategies, organisations, structures and other mechanisms that help all local people, families, businesses and organisations to:

  • identify and create sources of local capital.
  • access, govern and manage needed money, funding and finance.
  • invest in their community – local projects, businesses, entrepreneurs and community organisations.
  • buy, own, govern and manage local assets like land, enterprises, buildings and infrastructure.
  • purposefully use local assets in ways that better support them.
  • pool money together so those with little can invest and achieve more collectively.
  • build financial reserves for emergencies, disasters, large infrastructure needs and their economic future.

Place Based Capital involves non-local stakeholders – government, developers, investors, philanthropist, others – who want to invest and operate ways that build local ownership, control and self-reliance such as:

  • co-investing alongside community in local infrastructure, services and assets so community holds a share in these activities
  • investing in the development of organisations, initiatives, structures, services, products or other mechanisms that support place based capital. 

We offer services and programs to help communities and organisations to identify and advance Place Based Capital solutions and opportunities.  

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