Our Team

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meaghan burkett

Meaghan Burkett

Executive Director & Chair Board of Directors

Meaghan specialises in community wealth building policy, strategy, capability building and action planning for council, government, non-government organisations and community. She can assist you to understand, develop and implement community wealth building strategies and programs for your region and communityShe is the Chair Board of Directors and leads Ethical Fields Place Based Capital Program and the Environmental Markets Leadership Program.

Gareth Priday

Mapping, Analysis, Design,
User Experience

sam doove

Sam Doove

Economist, Researcher

Kate Williams

Kate Williams

Collective Approaches for Economic Participation

Kate is energised by community-driven social change and recognises that  strong localised economies can play a central role facilitating improved ecological, cultural, and social outcomes. Skilled in facilitation, design, and stakeholder engagement.

Shane Arthurson

Shane Arthurson

Financial Modeller

Shane’s first 20 years has been in banking and investments, primarily for infrastructure assets in Australia and America. He is now focused on social impact, being on the frontier of a revolutionary shift and designing capital structures of the future, that are more transparent, just and inclusive.

kate simpson

Kate Simpson

Facilitation, Collaboration and Impact

Beth Stockton

Beth Stockton

Community Builder, Change Maker and Innovator

jenny saavedra

Jenny Saavedra

Internal Administration, Coordination and Design

Jenny’s experience as a virtual administrator has equipped her with a wide range of skills and knowledge in information management, research, talent acquisition and social media handling. With all these, she’s able to support the team behind the scenes.

Beyond the Core Team

We have a team of associates and partners we work with closely and who join us on projects.

Jane Hudson headshot

Jane Hudson

Strategic learning and development

Jane Hudson is an experienced learning and development professional with over 25 years of experience designing, developing and delivering organisational learning solutions. Her work includes developing and implementing strategically aligned learning and performance solutions; creating customised, experiential learning programs;  providing strategic learning and development advice; and conducting behavioural assessments.

Prof. Michael Askew

Future Together Group

Dr Michael Askew is a research analyst, educator and socio-environmental planner with expertise in the coordination and delivery of sustainability strategies, social and environmental assessments, and education programs.

Dr. Jose Ramos

Futures, Action Foresight