Our Team

Strategic Management | Stakeholder Engagement| Policy and Regulation | Foresight and Futures | Financial Markets | Economic Development | Regional Development | Community Development | Business Development | Entrepreneurship | Customer Centricity | Gender Lens | Research

Meaghan Burkett

Strategy, Policy,
Stakeholder Engagement

Dr. Jose Ramos

Futures, Action Foresight

Gareth Priday

Mapping, Analysis, Design,
User Experience

Moira Were, AM

Engagement, Building Capability, Strategy

Andrew Ward

Design, Product Development, Commercialisation

Rohan Clarke

Financing Impact, Capital Stack Development, Financial Instruments

Beyond the Core Team

We have a team of associates and partners we work with closely and who join us on projects.

Dr. Ariella Helfgott

Energy, Food Systems

Sustain: The Australian Food Network

Food Systems

Prof. Michael Askew

Future Together Group

Kate Simpson

Kate Simpson

Jeffrey Cooper

Customer Development
and Sales Specialist