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A Gift To Those Practising Regenerative Agriculture.

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What’s the gift?

The late Bruce Ward was considered a great educator of Holistic Management.  He enjoyed a close relationship with Allan Savory and was personally responsible for training thousands of farmers across Australia and New Zealand in Holistic Management. 

More than one of these clients described him as: “a gift”. 

Bruce Ward created a valuable resource for his clients.  It was essentially every module of the TAFE certificate in Holistic Management course turned into a video tutorial.

When Bruce died, his family offered these resources for free to anyone interested in Holistic Management via the Holistic Results website.

Unfortunately, because this website was built on a now 13 year-old platform that several years ago was purchased by some other website software company and then closed, the website was buggy and impossible to maintain.

So, Ethical Fields recognising that this would be a problem stepped in. 

Ethical Fields through family connections and a modest financial injection was able to copy all the videos from the old website, re-format them from the old format to modern formats, and then upload these to YouTube. 

Now, thanks to Ethical Fields all of Bruce Wards regenerative “gift” can live on.

The playlist has been named so you can start at A1 and follow the logic to the next video in the sequence until you have completed the equivalent content of a 10-day course in Holistic Management.

To access these videos simply head to this YouTube play list. 

holistic results

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