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Envisioning the Future: The Power of Place-Based Capital

by | May 31, 2024 | Community Wealth Building, Economy

As we navigate the challenges and opportunities of the present, it’s essential to keep an eye on the horizon and imagine the possibilities that lie ahead.

We want to share with you a compelling vision of the future that we believe holds immense promise for our communities and our country.

It’s 2035, imagine if…

Australia witnessed a transformation in community prosperity and resilience driven by the Place Based Capital Model (PBC). Emerging as a powerful solution by 2025, PBC addressed cost-of-living crises and net-zero transitions, and proved itself as a key pathway to equity, wellbeing, and regeneration.

PBC granted Australians unprecedented access to local capital and economic opportunities, enabling them to own shares in local property, businesses, and infrastructure. It gave them the power to finance and govern projects that addressed their needs and transformed their communities, such as affordable housing, local production and manufacturing capacity, infrastructure improvements, renewable energy, circular economies, nature repair and business development.

As the PBC system was developed and scaled, it reshaped perceptions and triggered a national movement towards place based investment, innovation and ownership. Communities harnessed untapped local capital, and traditional funders and investors co-invested with communities, shifting from stopgap programs to systemic change.

Supported by government policies like Place Based Impact Funds, all Australians now have a diverse range of capital and economic opportunities, aligning financial returns with personal values and community needs. As Australia approaches net-zero emissions and sustainable development goals, PBC stands as a global exemplar of locally-led development, empowering communities to shape their future.

This is the future Ethical Fields and the Place Based Capital Network are working towards. If you too would like to be part of creating this future, we would love to hear from you – every individual and organisation plays a crucial role. We invite strategic partners and funders who want to support this critical work from communities, place based and for-purpose organisations, philanthropic, financial and investment organisations, Governments, business, technical experts that can help with legal, financial, governance and other expertise, research institutions and other parties of interest.

Great achievements are born collaboration and partnerships.

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