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Ethical Fields – Pivot

by | Oct 18, 2019 | Uncategorised


Ethical Fields emerged in response to the data “land grab” we saw across agriculture 2016 – 2019.  We had hoped to affect some things in this space.

We did do some amazing gigs.  Working with the AgBot II at QUT, The Mustard Industry with Yandilla Oil, the Data Co-op Council with CSIRO and the Farming Together program with Southern Cross University to name just some of the highlights.

However, 2019 we decided to move our brand, change the people at the table and head in a new direction.  A change of brand and change in website are the first things you’ll notice.

The Brand

Ethical Fields used to reference “fields” as in paddocks.  Now Ethical Fields is used to reference fields as in ‘fields of endeavour’.

Ethical for us continues to mean an enterprise that “does good” (is regenerative) and something that “gives stakeholders an actual stake” (is distributive).

The People

Ethical Fields is delighted to have added 3 new people to the team; Dr Jose Ramos, Gareth Priday and Fiona Dechaineux.

Departures from the initial Ethical Fields team include Paul Barnett and David Ward.  We all remain close friends and allies (even relatives), but they each needed to focus on other business opportunities.

Dan Mackey, Cam Neil, Andrew Ward (Wardy) and Benjamin Wills remain shareholders and invested in Ethical Fields 2.0.

2 Levels

Ethical Fields works with regenerative and distributive ecosystems at one level.  Here this usually means advising councils, regions, industries or associations about how to deal with the needs of the “ecosystem”.

Ethical Fields is equally at home working directly with Enterprises at their individual level.  Here this means we help them with commercial strategy, financial issues and building a stronger business with their stakeholders.

15-minutes Free

As an initial means of “meeting our market” we are offering 15-minutes free with either Dr Jose Ramos to discuss your ecosystem or Andrew Ward (Wardy) to discuss your enterprise.

You can secure at time at our website.